International Schools

In Strasburg, the pupils and students can attend international classes in international schools. Each class focusses on a different language : german, english, korean, spanish, italian, portugese, polish, russian. International classes gather french and international pupils oder students, who have lessons especially in the foreign language : literature, history and geography. To be admitted in an international class, pupils and students must pass a capacity test.

Primary School

(german, english) (english, spanish, italian) (german, english, spanish, italian) (english, german, polish)

Lower Secundary School

(english, german, spanish, italian, polish)

(german, polish, korean, portugese)

Upper Secundary School

(english, german, spanish, italian, polish, russian)

Possible curricula in the international classes

Mise à jour: 10 février 2021

Admission in Primary School

Admission in Lower Secondary School

Take your information at the international Lower Secundary Schools.

Admission at the international Upper Secondary School (Pontonniers)